Lancashire & Cumbria Theological Partnership


Update: With effect from 1 September 2016, the Lancashire & Cumbria Theological Partnership became Cumbria Christian Learning. Our new website, which can be found at, is currently being developed. In the meantime, this website will remain available, but visitors are advised that it is no longer up-to-date. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please use the ‘Contact Us’ link above.


Many Christians today want to learn more and deepen their understanding of the faith. This is highlighted by the rise of atheism and the strength of a wide range of different beliefs in many places. The Lancashire & Cumbria Theological Partnership (LCTP) offers a wide range of learning opportunities to suit a range of abilities. The courses are recognised for Reader training and ordination as well as for those who just want to develop their Christian understanding and learning. All the available courses are intended to be undertaken part-time alongside your work and home life.

At the LCTP we are passionate about enabling Christians to develop their faith through growing in knowledge and understanding to their full potential. But we also believe that true knowledge and understanding must lead to action that is evident through active missionary living. To do this the LCTP is committed to high quality teaching and learning primarily through small groups working with local tutors. We are committed to practical theology in the context of developing exciting patterns of Christian discipleship.

The LCTP offers opportunity to study the faith alongside other Christians. It is possible to undertake whole courses or just a single unit or module. All the individual modules and the course are designed to enable you to develop your Christian life by growing both your faith and ministry.