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Independent Students

Please note that, from September 2016, the LCTP will be known as Cumbria Christian Learning.


Looking to Study Theology in a Christian Context?

The LCTP, which trains Anglican Readers and Ordinands, is also very pleased to receive others, who would like to learn alongside them and to engage with some formal theological study. The length of study is determined by what you wish to do and the award you intend to work towards.

The programme is based upon a series of modules, each of which is normally delivered over a term through seven 2-hour local tutorials and a Saturday Day School.


The Programme

Year 1

  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • Preaching in the Contemporary World


Year 2

  • Introduction to Christian Doctrine
  • Foundations for Ministry and Worship in Context
  • Introduction to Pastoral Care


Year 3

  • Christian Faith and Ethical Living
  • Bible in Context
  • Mission and Apologetics in Contemporary Culture


However, other pathways are possible to suit your requirements.


Resources and Other Help

For each module there is a site on our Visual Learning Environment (CAVLE) that sets out the content, provides some resources and explains the work that students are required to do and how the module is assessed. This may include essays, magazine articles, recordings of sermons, Bible studies etc.

The LCTP provides book boxes for all tutorials as well as access to Rydal Hall library.

To help you get started, there is an induction day for general information as well as a study skills day, in which we explore how to write assignments and conduct research.


Time Commitment

Learning takes time. Studying is hard work. Normally, we reckon that you would need to allow on average 8-12 hours per week for personal study. However, this may vary from week to week and will depend upon factors such as the speed at which you read.



Upon successful completion of the course outlined above, you will receive a DipHE. However, there are other pathways available to suit your requirements.


Want to Know More?

Contact: Tricia Turner (Administrator) on 01228 815405 or