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Reading is an important part of theological study and requires you to have access to relevant books. While some books will be good to buy and keep as a library for future use, i.e. when preparing sermons, giving talks or leading study groups, there are other books that you may just want to access for completing your studies. The LCTP provides you with access to a number of libraries.


Local Libraries

Local libraries may not have a particular theological section or the books you are looking for, but they do offer inter-library loans. These allow you to borrow a book through your local library but from another library elsewhere in England. It can take 2-3 weeks for a book to arrive and there is normally a charge to cover the costs to the library. However, this will give you access to all sorts of material.


The University of Cumbria Library

Students of the LCTP are registered with the University of Cumbria and thus have access and borrowing rights with the University. Full information about loan periods, opening times, length of loans etc. are available from: or by telephone:

Lancaster: 01524 384384

Carlisle: 01228 616234


Carlisle Theological Library (Church House, Carlisle)

Although the Resources Centre at Carlisle is now closed, books can still be borrowed from the Theological Library by arrangement. If you wish to borrow a book please contact: Tricia Turner (; 01228 815405) to arrange a convenient time to visit. Books can be borrowed for a pre-arranged duration.


Rydal Hall Library

Rydal Hall LibraryThere is a good library at Rydal Hall from which books can be borrowed. The library can be accessed most conveniently during Residential Weekends. If you would like to gain access at other times, it is best, in order to avoid a wasted journey, to ring ahead to make sure that it is not in use by other visitors.

Telephone: 015394 32050

Normally books may be borrowed from one residential weekend to the next.


Book Boxes

In addition to the library provision, there are book boxes made available by the LCTP at tutorials. These contain a selection of relevant books for that module, which may be signed out and borrowed. However, do be aware that others may also want to read that book so do be mindful of this. It is also important to ensure that books borrowed from the book boxes are returned before the completion of the module. If you need a book after the period when you will be attending tutorials, please ensure that you make arrangements with either the tutor or Tricia Turner for returning the book.